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Our Services

Codmah have the capability to install up to 6m long, steel, PE or concrete casing up to 1500mm diameter, through soil and rock with the use of specialised machinery, including laser guided equipment.

  • Potable Water – PVC, DICL, GRP and PE;

  • Sewer – PE & PVC pipelines: gravity lines & low pressure;

  • Gas – Steel, PE & Nylon pipelines: trunk, primary, secondary, medium & low pressure;

  • Telecommunication – PVC & PE Conduits;

  • Electrical – Conduit Cable Laying and cable hauling.

Having been involved in projects at all levels, including Alliance Partners, Principal Contractors and Sub-Contractors, we have received a unique insight into the needs of the different commercial entities. This insight allows us to effectively meet the requirements of our clients while also handling the needs of other stakeholders, including Governing Authorities and sub-contractors.


Our experience tells us that successful project outcomes are dependent on effective communication, design, forward planning, procurement, programming, and construction. We therefore believe that co-operative early contractor involvement is crucial in recognising and minimising risk to the construction phase of the project where design planning or procurement is incomplete.

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