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Pipe Jacking

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  • Product pipes range from 375mm to 1350mm - watertight RCJP (reinforced concrete jacking pipe), GRP (Glass reinforced pipe) or FRP (Fibre reinforced pipe), which are installed directly behind the tunnelling unit

  • Types of infrastructure include gas pipes, water supplies, sewerage, power supply and communication services

  • Codmah may take an incremental approach to pipe jacking in unstable ground conditions, using the GBM pilot as a seek and discover option, while gradually increasing with a steel casing and finally pipe jacking the product pipe to remove the steel casing.


  • Direct drive uses a hydraulic ram and a laser guided tunnelling shield

  • Spoilt from the bore face is deposited behind the cutting wheel and transported through the pipe system using a 300 Ø auger string where it is deposited into kibbles for removal from the launch pit


  • Provides watertight, structural finished pipelines and reduces the creation of dust pollution during construction

  • Greater public safety, minimal traffic disruption, no road repairs, less cost impact, freedom in alignment and shorter timeframes.

Pipe Jacking Projects

Pipe Jacking, Westconnex.jpg

Project 08 //


Rozelle Interchange Stage 3B

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