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Project 09 -
The Northern Road, Stage 3B

Client: Lendlease Engineering

Location: Penrith

Services: Pipe Jacking, Drainage, Laser Guided, Auger Boring

Project included:

  • Install 3 x Dn1100 “J” Series storm drains @ 8m deep under TNR using laser guidance

  • 1 x 82m twin cell, 1 x 67m single cell in OTR conditions

  • Discovery and removal of abandoned 200mm CICL watermain (in the bore path of the 1350mm steel casing)

  • Install 1 x Dn525 “J” Series storm drain @ 5.5m deep under M4 South on ramp over 75m using laser guidance

  • Working in restricted space, adjacent to and beneath a live motorway.


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