Water & Sewer

Recent Projects

Alliance Stadium

• Steel Casing using laser guided boring machine.

Galston Glenorie Waste Water Scheme

• 1km x 63mm reticulated sewer line;

• Install 24 Property Pots & Boundary Kits;

• Install 3 wet wells into 3 Strata Properties servicing a total of 50 apartments.

Cockle Bay Town Sewerage Scheme

• Town Sewerage Scheme

Arcadian Hills

• 80M Steel Case Bore for 450mm sewer.


• 18m & 45m Steel Case Bore for 450mm sewer.

Airport Industrial Lands Collector Sewer –

• 1.8 kilometres of 225mm diameter uPVC gravity sewer plus 35 maintenance holes and 6 ventilation structures;

• 2.1 kilometres long 150mm diameter oPVC rising main plus two Case Bore road crossings, 34m and 82m long respectively;

• 2.4 kilometres of 100mm conduit and pits for NBN fibre optic cable.

Bargo Town –

• 17km of PE sewer mains in sizes ranging from 50mm to 180mm;

• Connection of approximately 818 properties;

• 95% of the pipe was installed by 24x40 and 36x50 HDD rigs;

• The rest by means of trenching with excavators.

Cowan Town

• 4.7Km of PE sewer mains and connecting of 220 properties.

Appin Town

• 12km of PE sewer mains and connecting 520 properties.  

Freemans Reach, Glossodia and Wilberforce

• 42km of reticulated sewer mains;

• Connecting 1600 residential properties and businesses; 

• Overall project laying 116km of pipeline.  

Hawkesbury Heights/Yellowrock

• 6.4km of reticulated sewer mains in sizes ranging from 40mm to 160mm for PSP Alliance.

Drayton Coal Mine – Storm-water

• 30m pipe-jacking, replacing the collapsed, original pipe with a 1500mm RCP, using case boring machine between two dams.

North West Growth Centre Project (Western Sydney)

• Renewal of 1.7km Portable Water mains DN450 DICL + DN508 SCL pipes;

• 1.7 km Recycled Water mains DN450 PVC + DN508 SCL pipeline in Kellyville NSW.

Water Main Renewal Project (Western Sydney) –

 • Renewal of ductile iron water mains from 100mm to 250mm diameter pipes in approximately 22 western Sydney streets.

Stuart Highway, SA

• 582m of Thrust boring under Stuart Hwy, Railway lines, and local council roads. 



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