Commitment and Values


Since inception in 1991, Codmah has built a reputation as an ethical, safe, compliant and professional civil engineering firm delivering quality outcomes for our clients. Staying true to our above core values has allowed us to flourish in our industry and grow from our humble beginning to a multimillion dollar, national company.


Running a civil engineering project is a complex undertaking. We use large and powerful machines, digging, drilling, and working with high-voltage electrical mains, water, sewage and high pressure gas pipes. Construction risks from many and varied sources are ever present in our daily working lives. To ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, members of the public, and visitors to site all risks are analysed, communicated and appropriate control measures implemented.

We take our worksite safety very seriously, ensuring our work methods are safe, compliant and well documented. We develop and follow checklists, conduct our own audits, and run ongoing induction and safety workshops, to ensure a safe work environment on our worksites.


At Codmah, we use heavy machinery, plant and equipment on a daily basis. We rely on our equipment to work efficiently, consistently and safely. To achieve this all our plant and equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards. As our worksites, plant and vehicles provide a visual representation of our company we keep our plant and work vehicle fleet in a clean and tidy condition, and make sure our equipment is looked-after, to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Our People

By far, our team is the most important asset for Codmah. Our values are instilled in our people, so they can represent our brand, and provide the ultimate customer experience.

We look after our people, so they can look after our clients. We provide ongoing training and development, ensure high level of compliance – currency and adequacy of insurance, certifications, and licences for each of our team members, both employees and contractors. We provide branded apparel and safety equipment to differentiate our people on the worksite. The visibility of our company branding instils a level of pride amongst our team, and delivers our company’s value to other work teams and members of the public.

Projects and Clients

Codmah has successfully delivered over $250,000,000 worth of projects so far. We’ve worked with the largest construction, infrastructure and utilities enterprises in Australia, and with all levels of government organisations, from local government all the way to federal. Our most recent projects included WestConnex, NorthConnex, PSP Alliance projects, Cockle Bay Towns Sewage Project and many more…

Codmah facilitates the distribution of Gas, Water, Sewer / Stormwater, Electrical and Telecommunications using underground and environmentally friendly, trenchless technologies and traditional open cut excavation.


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