Codmah is a privately owned civil engineering firm, founded in Sydney in 1991. Our vision from inception was to become the industry leader providing the highest standard in civil engineering support and services. Codmah provides trenching and trenchless technologies and services to government agencies and utility companies in the Gas, Electrical, Water and Communication industries.

Services include:

• Case Boring & Pipe jacking

• Horizontal Directional Drilling

• Trenching

• Excavation

Civil Works

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Codmah has a range of HDD equipment which can cater for small (tight access), mid-sized and large, rock bores. The HDD rigs include their own vacuum sucker truck and recycling units as required.

This is often the most feasible method when a pipeline must be laid where there are:

Manmade structures - under built up residential & commercial areas, roadways & or railway lines.

Natural obstacles - soft ground and or under streams / rivers.


Case Boring

Horizontal Cased Auger Boring (also known as Sleeve and Thrust)

Horizontal cased auger boring is the most practical solution for crossing roads, railways, buildings and almost anywhere that an open excavation is prohibitive.

Sleeve boring or cased boring is the installation of a steel sleeve into a bored hole, to provide support for the surrounding material and forms a conduit for the installation of the desired service. Steel sleeved bores also provide good mechanical protection of the service that it houses. A grouting mix can be flowed into the void between the sleeve and the service to form a true maintenance free installation.

Horizontal cased auger boring is a cost effective and accurate method, particularly where extremely wet and soft ground conditions preclude the use of vacuum boring systems.

Using specialised machinery, including laser guided equipment, we install up to 6m long, steel or concrete casing, through soil and rock. The machinery is designed to hydraulically thrust a steel pipe into a simultaneously bored hole, extracting the spoil from the cutting face, through the inside of the steel pipe. This environmentally friendly method reduces restoration costs, and eliminating the need for collecting, storing and transporting liquid waste.

Pipe Jacking

Pipe jacking offers a suitable method for installing pipelines, such as drainage and sewerage projects, without disrupting existing surface facilities or activities or the creation of dust pollution during construction. Types of infrastructure include gas pipes, water supplies, sewerage, power supply and communication services.

The benefits of employing our pipe jacking services include greater public safety, minimal traffic disruption, no road repairs, less cost impact, freedom in alignment and shorter timeframes.

Rock Trenching

Codmah have a comprehensive selection of trenchers including units that can be used for placing small diameter pipelines into private properties or rock trenchers that will allow large diameter pipelines to be laid through residential (city - rural) and or industrial / commercial areas.

Our large Vermeer Rock trenchers offer the unique benefit of being able to cut trenches of various widths due to the capacity to change the chain & boom assembly.

Benefits of trenchers include:

• Greater trench depth & width accuracy.

• Trenches can be opened more quickly when compared to an excavator.

• Easily mobilised within tight residential areas.

• Opening trenches in bitumen roadways without the need for saw cutting.

• Spoil removal via either ground level side exit or an above ground conveyor belt system to the rear of the unit.


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