Quakers Hill to Schofields line duplication

RLA – Richmond Line Alliance – Jan 2010

Trenchless crossing of three culverts/creeks in the rail corridor - 10 pipes at each crossing together with 6 ULXs (various pipe sizes & multipulls).

The Directional Drill was set up 50m from the centre of each culvert and receive holes 50m the other side of the culvert; this was to avoid any site run off entering to water courses. The 100m distances utilised the full roll of PE pipe thus eliminating any wastage.

2 x 140mm PE Electrical Conduits Culvert crossing 100m, 4 x 125mm PE Electrical Conduits Culvert crossing 100m, 4 x 110mm PE Comms Conduits Culvert crossing 100m.

The ULXs were completed in the shut down periods. All crossing were completed in the specified time period.



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