Penrith to Emu Plains Primary Gas Main


Figure 1 - Nepean River Crossing

Figure 2 - HDD Entry Sites (Penrith & Emu Plains)

  • An all welded pipeline with a 200mm diameter and a 9.6mm wall thickness.  Runs for 3km in total;
  • Constructed to boost the supply to the Blue Mountains Area;
  • Construction of the pipeline across the Nepean River by HDD involved the installation of 642mts of DN200mm steel Primary Mains under the Great Western Highway at two locations and the Nepean River adjacent to the highway;
  • The Geotech report for the bore showed that there was a significant layer of cobblestones on both sides of the bore and surrounding ground was very unstable;
  • Installed a 600mm steel case pipe on both the entry and exit points of the crossing from surface level to the bed rock to alleviate any issues with collapse of unstable grounds on drill rods, head or reamer;
  • The steel casing was installed down through the initial layer of silty clay/sand and then through the layer of gravel, cobbles and boulders and socket into the laminte (sandstone) layer using a combination of Thrust Boring & Pipe Ramming Techniques;
  • This method fixed the HDD entry and exit points locations, therefore significantly reducing any chance of drilling from one side to the other. This was overcome by utilising two HDD Rigs. With the assistance of Highside Drilling & their Paratrack Guidance System we drilled  pilot hole from Penrith side using the D100 Rig to a planned intersection point midway along the proposed bore path and simultaneously carried out the same from the Emu Plains side using our D80 Rig;
  • The intersection of the two pilot holes to the desired size was carried out in two stages and the 642 meters of DN200 Product Pipe was installed in a 9 hour shift;
  • The guidance system was contained within two 4¾ inch Non Magnetic Drill Collars which were threaded into the 4¾ inch Wenzel mud motor with a 6¼ inch PDC drill bit and were connected back to the site shed via wireline through the drill stems;
  • This is the first successful completed intersect HDD in NSW.

Ranging for the Paratrack Guidance System

Screen shot of Ranging for the Paratrack Guidance System provided by Highside Drilling Pty Ltd



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