Newnes ULX and DTRS

UGL May - Sept 2015

Project consists of 1200m x 90mm sdr 13.6 electrical conduit. The bore is 600m in length broken into 6 x 100m shots each installing 2 x 90mm electrical conduit. The installation of ULX (under (rail) line crossings) in over 45 separate locations around the Sydney, McArthur, and Lithgow areas has also been completed. Newnes was also part of the 45 ULX locations having 19 ULX crossings installed in difficult ground conditions. 


The DTRS (Digital train radio system) will ensure that staff such as train drivers, train controllers, signalers and train guards on the electrified rail network are able to communicate with each other using the same system with the same technology. 

Replacing the existing analogue train radio system with DTRS will fulfill recommendations from the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Waterfall Rail Accident to provide a common platform of communication for staff working on the railway. 




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