NBN Installation

Transfield Services Ltd (for NBN): 2014

Transfield Services Ltd on behalf of NBN have engaged Codmah to install 110mm and 63mm conduit to house the fibre optic for areas in South Western Sydney as part of the supply and install of high speed broadband throughout Australia.  To date, Codmah have installed over 6km of conduit with ongoing Fibre Servicing Area Modules (FSAM) to be issued.  To date Liverpool FSAM is complete with Homebush FSAM at 70% completion. Codmah are using Vermeer 36x40 HDD, 1.5T Takeuchi excavator, 3T Tipper and 8000Ltr Vacuum Truck to carry out these works.  By using the HDD we can bore within areas of high service cluster such as Telstra, Gas, Water, Sewer, Fibre, Optus and Oil lines with minimal disturbance to local residence and environmental impact.



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