Molonglo Capacity Development Project

Jemena Asset Management, December 2016 to May 20017

  • Construction of 3.2 KM of DN200 Steel Secondary Pipeline.
  • The works include 3 x HDD Bores under waterways, 4 x Case Bores to insert DN375 RCJP under major Roads, 6 x Uncased Bores under side roads & open cut trenching.
  • The works also include installation of 2 x DN200 Isolation Valve assemblies, 1 x 7000m3 SDRS including Inlet & outlet Pipework and connection to the existing medium pressure system.
  • There is also 6 x CP Test Points throughout the new line each of which includes the installation of Zinc Ribbon within the trench.
  • The pipeline alignment is mainly situated along the grass verges of Streeton Drive, Cotter Road & John Gorton Drive and the purpose is to provide Natural Gas Infrastructure in the developing suburbs of Wright & Coombs.




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