Hume to Tuggeranong Interconnection

Jemena: 2014

  • All welded pipeline with a 300NB diameter and a 6.4 mm wall thickness;
  • The total length of the pipeline is 5700 meters;
  • pipeline included open cut trenching, Pipe Jacking, creek crossings, cathodic protection system, installation of Hot Tap Fittings, valves & MIJ’s;
  • Total cased bored length was 240 meters and involved installing 450mm RCJP in each crossing where the 300NB pipeline was inserted into using Thinsulators to insulate the gas pipeline;
  • All bore annulus were grouted upon completion of the final pneumatic testing;
  • Pipeline was tested pneumatically in four separate test sections, each section less than 1500 meters long to a minimum of 1575kpa for 24 hours;
  • Pigging the pipeline was also undertaken prior to the testing;
  • Pipeline was connected to the existing system at 3 locations and a 300NB stub was left for future extension;
  • 2 x 300NB, 1 x 150NB & 1 x 100mm Ball valves were installed along with 3 MIJ’s.



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