Directional Drilling Services

Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

Depending on the specific project requirements, Codmah can offer Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) techniques to our clients.

Codmah has a range of HDD equipment which can cater for small tight access bores, mid sized bores and large diameter rock bores. The HDD fleet includes Vermeer 24x40, 36x50 and D100x120: all rigs include their own vacuum sucker truck and recycling units as required.

This is often the most feasible method when a pipeline must be laid where there are:

• Manmade structures i.e. under built up residential & commercial areas, roadways & or railway lines.
• Natural obstacles i.e. soft ground and or under streams / rivers.

Benefits of HDD over Open Cut methods include:

• Compact plant size allowing flexibility in very tight worksites (inc inner city)
• Small construction foot print i.e. drill entry exit point within 2sq mtr areas
• Quieter than excavator and or trencher operations
• Environmentally friendly technique – non toxic polymers & bentonite drill fluids
• Very high point to point accuracy

Vermeer D24x40 Series I & II

Codmah have at its disposal a range of D24x40 machines that can be employed to meet small to medium size construction projects.

The D24x40 models offer construction flexibility by being able to;

• Install different nylon & PE pipe diameters DN18 to DN400
• Shots lengths of up to 200 meters – depending on pipe diameter
• Depth of drills ave 2.0 to 5.0 m
• 3.1 meter “FIRESTICK I” Drill Stems
• Multiple types of drilling heads for different ground conditions inc rock


Directional Drilling Sydney


Vermeer D100x120 Series II

Codmah have a D80 to supplement our D100x120 machine plus two recycling systems which will allow Codmah to offer more comprehensive HDD capabilities.

The D100x120 model will offer improved construction capabilities including;

• Install pipe diameter up to DN500 – 1000 meter shots
• Install pipe diameter +DN 500 to DN1000 – 400 meter shots
• Provide pipe bursting (cast iron & fibre based) & new pipeline insertion capability
• 6.1 meter “FIRESTICK II” Drill Stems
• On-Grade sewer bores – 1 in 200
• Multiple types of drilling heads for different ground conditions inc rock

Directional Drilling

Vermeer D36/50 Series II

This can handle a wide range of bores in the most difficult ground conditions.

• Minimum bore diameter 8.9cm
• Pipe diameter option 6cm or 6.7cm