Recent Projects


Molonglo Capacity Development

• Construction of 3.2 KM of DN200 Steel Secondary Pipeline, including 3 HDD Bores under waterways;

• 4 Case Bores to insert DN375 RCJP under major Roads and 6 Uncased Bores under side roads;

• The works also include installation of 2 x DN200 Isolation Valve assemblies, 1 x 7000m3 SDRS including Inlet & outlet Pipework and connection to the existing medium pressure system and 6 CP Test Points.

Alexandria to Darlington Secondary Steel Main

• Construct 2.8km DN200 steel gas main pipeline using open cut trenching, HDD & Guided Bed Boring;

• Over 1.8km of the pipe laid using trenchless techniques;

• Gyro – Guidance was used for 250 meters of HDD Crossing below transmission & distribution electrical cables, 2 concrete box storm water culverts, sewers, water main & communications infrastructure without interference.

Emu Plains Rail Crossing

• installing primary pressure gas pipeline, using micro-tunneling, 8.5m under the Main Western Railway.

Gungahlin to Amaroo Capacity Development Project

• Installation, testing and commissioning of 2.7Km of High Pressure Steel Gas Pipeline;

• Included – open cut trenching, horizontal directional drilling, creek crossings, cathodic protection system, installation of Hot Tap Fittings, valves & MIJ’s.

Hume to Tuggeranong Interconnection  

 • 5.7Km of welded gas pipeline including 240m of cased boring, open cut trenches, pipe jacking, creek crossing, cathodic protection system, installation of Hot Tap Fittings, valves & MIJ’s.

Penrith to Emu Plains Primary Gas Main 

 • The first successful completed intersect HDD in NSW;

• 3Km of welded gas pipeline, running under the Great Western Hwy, and crossing the Nepean River.  

Wakehurst Parkway Capacity Development Project

• Decommissioning existing 375mm medium pressure steel pipeline and construction of a new 250mm diameter polyethylene (PE) gas main into an 11km section of the existing steel gas main between Frenchs Forest Road and North Narrabeen.

Eastern Suburbs Capacity Development Project  

 • 2.9km of DN200 diameter secondary pressure (1050KPa) steel gas main.

Munmorah Gas Feeder Pipeline

• Construction of a 4.0 kilometre DN250 12.7mm x 42" steel gas pipeline.

Caltex Transfer Pipeline (Botany)

• Construction of approximately 3km of 350 NB Primary Fuel Main to supply the Caltex Refinery.

Blue Mountains Reticulation Project

• Construction of 550 kilometres of gas main reticulation and connection to over 8,500 customers to the AGL Gas Network;

• Also included the construction of 385 kilometres of 50 & 100mm Telstra conduits, the installation of 4,630 P5 and P6 Telstra pits and 1,154 interconnections to existing Telstra plant.

Tumut, Gundagai & Adelong Natural Gas Networks

• Construction of 20 kilometres of lateral (feeder) mains to Gundagai and Adelong townships;

• The reticulation of 115 kilometres of 40, 63, 90, 110 and 160mm PE gas mains in Tumut, Gundagai and Adelong.

Frenches Forest, Sydney

• Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipe under 2 x 1800mm box culverts for gas relocation works.


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