About Us

Codmah is a national award-winning civil engineering firm, specialising in medium to large scale trenchless solutions, including Horizontal Drilling, Pipe Jacking and Case Boring. Working with all levels of Australian government and all major utilities companies, Codmah boasts outstanding safety and quality track records, spanned across 25 years.

Client and partners

Codmah has worked with select group of clients over many years, being a preferred service provider and a panel member for various organisations, both in government and enterprise.



Codmah was founded in the early 1990’s, with HQ in Sydney’s South-Western suburb of Preston. We’ve grown from 2 guys in a ute, to a multimillion dollar organisation, with a fleet of trucks, plant and equipment. We employ 26 full time staff, and dozens of contractors at any given time, all year round. Many of our projects are in NSW, although we’ve had participated in projects in QLD, NT, VIC, SA and Tasmania.

As a Civil Engineering firm, Codmah has developed expertise of trenchless technologies, over the course of the past 25 years. As one of the largest (top 1%), and a leader in our industry, we have earned a reputation as a reliable service provider. Our commitment to innovation, safety, compliance and customer service, have earned us multiple industry awards and recognition. We’re proud to have received many recommendation letters and client appreciation letters, as a result of a project running on time, on budget and on scope. We go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, and we have client endorsements demonstrating our commitment and professional performance.

Some of our Excellence Awards

Sydney Water – Partnering for Success and Lifestream Award, 2016

PSP (Priority Sewerage Program) – QI (Quality Initiative/Innovation/Improvement) Award 2010

Jemena – Vendor Achievement Award, Outstanding Performance 2011

Jemena – Vendor Achievement Award, Innovation 2012

John Holland – Safety Award, 2009

PowerCo – Dedication and Achievement Award 2007

York OHL – Safety Award 2015


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